On her own for the first time in years, Jeane tries to cope with the loneliness of life without her boyfriend, Arthur. She soon finds herself being pursued by a group of mysterious strangers. Is it all in her head or is something more nefarious going on?

Separation Anxiety is the first feature film by Miller & Deane was executive produced by August Project creative director, Aldo Parise. Shot in 2013 and completed in early 2014, the film is a throwback to the thrillers of the 1950s, dealing with loneliness, paranoia, and strangers lurking in the night.

The film, set and shot in Toronto, stars Sara Miller, Romaine Waite, Dave Metcalfe, and Joanne Jansen. The film’s theme, composed by Emily Klassen, was the winner of the SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Audio-visual Composers in the Musical Theme category for 2014.