Looking At The Fujifilm X-Pro2 In Studio

In April, we spent two days in the studio shooting exclusively with the X-Pro2 for the Headshots docuseries. It performed really well and actually had some elements that really saved the day.

There are a lot of pros and very few cons.

* PC sync port (not a reason to buy it but good to have)
* Autofocus joystick really intuitive
* X-Trans, X-Trans, X-Trans
* Lighter than my Canon 5D Mark III
* Not necessarily a pro but the X-Pro2 grip is worth buying, especially if you have an Arca-Swiss head

* Average battery life
* Lens are heavy, making the body weirdly weighted (buy the grip) 
* It should have come out two years ago


Lens Fujifilm XF 56mm F1.2

Shot in Raw. These images are the JPEG backups with no touch ups, shot in Classic Chrome, WB 3400K.

Special thanks to Romaine Waite and Jana Teovano.