In early 2016, the August Project commissioned The Death of Music: a documentary series which uses voice, video and photography to unravel its story — told through the eyes of someone who has been enveloped in the scene for over 20 years. August has been many things — an award-winning radio host, producer, photographer and journalist. These are his meditations on the death of music.

Death of music 1:
We have to start somewhere.

This is just a taste of things to come. Music is dead or is it?

Death of music 2: Broken.

Broken: Radio is the worst at bringing you new music. But for a huge number of people it’s the only way an artist gets broken. It's become like elevator music you dial into. So how do we fix this fragmented medium? First off, stop running it like it’s the 1950s.

Death of music 3: Who's supervising the supervisors?

Music supervisors from film and television have been pushing indie tracks into our cheap TV speakers. Are they the new music curators?

Death of music 4: Is music about creating moments?

Musicians string together a series of words and notes that pinpoints how they feel at that moment. We have no choice but to follow them.

Death of music 5: Why do we wear headphones?

Music has a frequency of its own. Your thoughts build off the emotions of the song and you are transported. That’s why some people like to lose themselves in music — and why headphones are on everyone’s necks.